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Tucson Video Services

Our team uses professional video and audio equipment to document your special occasion.

We strive to capture the most important moments of your event and preserve all the memories and emotions of your guests. We offer individual videographers for capturing interviews or single-camera edits, and multiple videographers to capture multiple angles to provide dynamic and impactful edits.

Live Stream Event Video

Live stream your wedding or event to share with friends and family around the world. We offer live stream capabilities with audio on platforms such as YouTube and Zoom.

Funeral Service Video

We offer funeral service video documentation to memorialize the celebration of your loved one's life. With current social distancing and small crowd requirements, consider documenting your event to share with friends and family across the country. We have worked with families to meet specific requirements for video documentation including police and honor guard processions.

Below is a selection of wedding highlight videos captured by our team.

Videos are custom edited to fit clients needs.

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